The University of York is a research-intensive university which has expanded to having over 30 departments and centres, since being founded in 1963. It is now one of the best places in the country to study for your degree, and is of the prestigious Russell Group. It prides itself on its commitment to supporting and developing students.

UoY is a collegiate university with 9 individual colleges over 2 campuses. College spirit runs very high! Students often feel their college is their home, and are proud to be a part of it.

Despite the huge concrete ’60s buildings, the campus is really beautiful with wide grassy spaces and interludes, and the obvious large lake (the largest plastic-bottomed lake in Europe by the way!).

The university has more student clubs and societies per head than any other university in the UK. There’s plenty to choose from, from political and cultural societies, to Harry Potter and SwiftSoc (as in Taylor Swift…).

With libraries, computer rooms, restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, the Sport Village, tennis courts, a doctors surgery and theatres to fill your time to name a few, along with the brilliant support systems in place, UoY is a great place to spend your university years!

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The University of York is one of a few universities in the UK with a collegiate system. Your college is where you will be part of a community; where you will meet your new friends-for-life; where you will develop your interests and hobbies that are outside of your course, and where you will grow in independence and self-reliance! Your college will become your home pretty quickly, so take a look at our short descriptions of the 9 colleges of the University of York…

James College accommodation
James College houses 600 students each year, and has various facilities including compute rooms and two junior common rooms. It is home to the wonderful Roger Kirk Centre – the largest catering outlet on campus with a smoothie bar, the Galleria restaurant and a coffee bar. James also has the university’s only cocktail bar, The Lounge! The YUSU office and Maths Department are located here.
Vanbrugh College Accomodation
Choosing Vanbrugh Is Not Just Choosing A Place To Live, It Is Choosing An Environment In Which To Flourish, To Make Friends, To Study, To Be Inspired, To Learn And To Grow.


We Are One Of The University’s Oldest Colleges, Defined By Our Community’s Spirit Of Adventure And Innovation As Well As By Our Excellent Welfare Support Network.

James College houses 600 students each year, and has various facilities including compute rooms and two junior common rooms. It is home to the wonderful Roger Kirk Centre – the largest catering outlet on campus with a smoothie bar, the Galleria restaurant and a coffee bar. James also has the university’s only cocktail bar, The Lounge! The YUSU office and Maths Department are located here.

Vanbrugh College houses over 600 students every year. With a campus-central location, it is near the Library and Market Square (where the campus supermarket and shops are). Vanbrugh is home to the Dramabarn and University Radio York, and many places to get food  like the ‘Wicked’ cafe, V-Bar, and the Vanbrugh Food Court.

Alcuin is only a few minutes walk from the library and Market Square (where the shops are), and is home to the cosy ‘Kitchen’ cafe. They are known for their strong community spirit and house almost 600 students every year. The grounds are landscaped with barbeque facilities!


We Are Langwith, One Of York’s Founding Colleges! We’ve Got The Oldest College Spirit And Some Of The Nicest, Newest Accommodation.


Our Main Aim, As A College, Is To Promote The Development Of Team Work And Leadership Skills In An Exciting And Dynamic Way. We Look To Offer A Range Of Exciting Opportunities Through A Plethora Of Different Activities And Projects.


As One Of The University’s Oldest-Established Colleges, It’s Our Goal To Make Your Time At University One Of The Most Memorable Periods Of Your Life, Both Academically And Socially. We Take Great Pride In Our Community’s Cohesive Spirit As Well As Our Excellent Welfare Support Network.

With 650 students housed each year, Langwith College is proud of its close-knit community and involved members. It is situated on the beautiful Heslington East, and has its own gallery space with regular exhibitions and competitions, and the Glasshouse bar for socialising. Langwith shares its common room with its neighbours, Goodricke and Contantine, and is only a 10 minute walk from the Sports Centre.

Located on Heslington East, Constantine is the newest of the nine colleges, having opened in September 2014. They are proud of their loyal and committed community: they are the only college where all members live on campus, and their aim is to get students involved with team projects together.

Located on Heslington East, Goodricke boasts its close-knit community and student involvement, 600 of which live in the college. The college is known for having a modern and innovative design, with a great community spirit.


The College Is The University Of York’s Graduate College, A Hub For Postgraduate Activity At The University. As Well As Housing Around 500 Residents, Our Study And Social Facilities Are Available To All Our College Members.


Derwent Is A Lively, Social College In The Heart Of The Heslington Campus Famed For Its College Spirit And Events.


Halifax College Is The Largest And Most Diverse College Of The University. Our Beautiful Setting, Location And Membership Give Halifax College A Unique Atmosphere Of A Thriving Student Village.

Wentworth College is the only graduate college at the University of York, with residents from over 5o countries. Wentworth’s residents can socialise in their restaurant ‘The Edge’ (whose food is second to none) or the Graduate Common Room with air hockey table and tv. They have art and drama studios, and the department of Sociology is also based in Wentworth.

Derwent’s social events, including their ‘Club Ds’, are famous on campus. The Derwent Dining room and D-Bar are both in Derwent, and the Courtyard bar/ restaurant is easily accessed just next door. Derwent has a common room for each of juniors, graduates and seniors, with sofas and tvs. They are also near to Heslington Hall and the Quiet Place with its beautiful gardens.

Halifax College has a ‘village’ feel to it, due it being filled with green courtyards and set in a rural landscape. This has created a close student community! It is the only college that can issue parking permits to students, and Heslington Village is only 5-10 minute walk away. Halifax’s common room is the largest on campus, with quiet areas, tvs and air hockey.

The Opportunities

YUSU is the student union at the University of York. A union of 15000 students, they are a charity that helps you and other students to create a change and access help and opportunities whilst you are at university.

YUSU runs all the sports, societies and volunteering projects. They put on numerous social events throughout the year, as well as running big campus bars and restaurants such as The Courtyard and The Lounge.

There are so many opportunities to get involved, try something new or make a change!

Check out the YUSU website here.

Joining societies at university is important and exciting. There are so many new things to try, or familiar things to get involved with. Employers have been looking for out-of-course skills more and more, and joining a society or sports club is a perfect way to show you’re motivated and to make you stand out, as well as genuinely helping you to develop yourself and gain experience, skills and hobbies.

The range is huge. From faith and culture, to politics, to art and performance, to Pokemon soc, there is certainly something for everyone.


A map of the city’s cycle route can be found here

(from the City of York Council website).

The network consists of a lot of quieter roads as well as main roads, so you can make your route suit you!

There’s also loads of places to lock your bike up both on campus and in town.


There is a brand new UoY66 bus! This will run every 6-7 minutes a day between campus and the city centre.

There’s also the Clubbers bus which runs through the night until 3-4am (depending on the day of the week), and the Study bus which takes you from the library at night.

The number 4 bus also runs about every 10 minutes between campus and town.

There is always support available. Don’t struggle alone as there is help for many problems including academic, welfare, health, disability, or if you need someone to talk to.

Have a look at the university’s support page here, and YUSU’s support page here.



Student houses York Central Hall York Student Ron Cooke Hub, York University


York is a walled city at the meeting of two rivers: Ouse and Foss. It is located in North Yorkshire and has bundles of history and character! York is rich in heritage and boasts a wealth of historic attractions such as York Dungeons, the National Railway Museum and the icon York Minster in the centre of the city. With so much to see, York is a popular tourist destination, visited by millions. All just over 2 hours from both London and Edinburgh!


York has a vibrant and lively atmosphere which rivals some of the larger cities. Although York doesn’t have huge mega clubs like Manchester or London, it does have enough to choose from…in fact York is rumoured to have a bar/pub for everyday of the year. Clubs have student nights a few nights a week, like Salvation, Kuda, Revolution and Fibbers.


York has a great mix of both independent and chain shops. A great place to find some of the cutest independent shops is The Shambles, where you can try some chocolates at the York Chocolate Story at the top. The city has more than enough shops for you to spend your student loan on, and if you are looking for all the designer labels, they can been found at the outlet store just outside town.


York is a relatively small city, compared to some of the neighbouring cities such as Leeds or Manchester. York is a great mix because it still has the feel of a small country city, but with loads to do and see.
With the rich history and attractions, you can enjoy a day seeing sights, or try the famous Betty’s tea rooms, before going on a ghost tour around the streets of York.

Our blog is all about exciting things in York. Take a look below…