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The Do’s and Don’ts of Student Housing

Congratulations! You’ve moved into your very own house and are enjoying the luxury of independence for the first time. Whilst many may take this opportunity to explore their wilder sides, there are a few do’s and don’ts you should consider to avoid the dreaded fallings out, and to make the year that much more enjoyable.


  • Be friendly! No one likes to have a grumpy housemate so try and enjoy everyone’s company, even if you aren’t destined to be best friends.


  • Make a cleaning rota. Thank goodness there’s no cleaning person to give you a red notice or wake you up anymore, but that means you now have to take all responsibility for keeping the place tidy.


  • Know your bin day and when it’s your turn to clean the bathroom, to keep away those nasty smells and make it an inviting home for everyone.


  • Be kind to your neighbours. Get along with them and they may not call the police during your infamous pre-drinks.


  • Have fun! This may be the only time you get to live with your friends so make the most of it while you can!



  • Be the messy housemate. Nobody likes to attempt to cook around a pile of dirty dishes.


  • Steal other people’s food without asking. One of the things you learn to treasure as a student is a full fridge. So don’t think that your housemate won’t notice that splash of milk you sneakily took for your morning cereal.


  • Blast your music out in all hours of the day. As good as that playlist that you spent all night making might be, it is not often welcome at 2 in the morning. Respect other people’s quiet time.


  • Start petty arguments. You have to live with these people for a year so you may as well enjoy the time rather than hiding from them all year.



Most of all enjoy it! Let us know if you have anymore do’s or don’ts that you’ve found whilst living in your house!

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