Easter Treats

With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to crack out those baking skills and prepare some delicious treats the whole house will love.

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Housemates York

Congratulations! You’ve moved into your very own house and are enjoying the luxury of independence for the first time. Whilst many may take this opportunity to explore their wilder sides, there are a few do’s and don’ts you should consider to avoid the dreaded fallings out, and to make the year that much more enjoyable.

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student work blog

Fresher’s week is over, one of the best weeks of your life, and now lectures are starting, societies are kicking up and it’s full steam ahead. There is a common belief that now you are here everything just falls into place and you are completely ready for this whole new and exciting world, but what if you are not?


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logo for blog

We have some exciting news here at The Student Agency… We have been nominated as finalists in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards for Social Enterprise 2015!

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards are very prestigious awards that are recognised as the benchmark for entrepreneurial success in Britain. We are honoured to be in the finals! The awards are supported by huge sponsors including NatWest, MINI, FedEx and AXA Business Insurance, all celebrating the country’s entrepreneurs and acknowledging their contributions to the British economy.

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student cooking

Quick, Cheap and Easy Recipes

Everyone knows as a student that unless you are in catered accommodation you are going to have to start cooking for yourself. Yes you can live off a mixture off takeaways and oven cook pizza, but it’s expensive and gets so boring after a while.

I thought that as the kind and wonderful person I am, I would knock you up a couple of my trusty, easy and cheap recipes, that not only taste good but are sure to impress anyone you know (including your parents when your home for Christmas). I will also throw in a couple of tips for things like boiled eggs, and pasta.


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University blog

To try and be helpful I have created a checklist of all the student essentials and extras that I think you may need coming to York! I hope it helps!

Documents and Paperwork: All these niggly things should be organised into a neat folder that you only go to when you need it! These documents will come in handy shouldyou have a problem with finance or when you get a job.


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York nightlife

As everyone knows, an essential to being a student is being able to drink, or at least trying lots of different venues. Being a student is great; especially in York as there are numerous watering holes to spend your time in. Here is my run down of my top FIVE bars in York that I well think are worth a visit:

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Study York

Meet Dawn

I suppose if I’m expecting you delve into my world and read my blog, follow my advice and ask me questions, I’d better introduce myself, otherwise you might think I am some like 40 year old man pretending to be a student….
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