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6 Tips To Get Through First Term

Fresher’s week is over, one of the best weeks of your life, and now lectures are starting, societies are kicking up and it’s full steam ahead. There is a common belief that now you are here everything just falls into place and you are completely ready for this whole new and exciting world, but what if you are not?


University is a huge change and sometimes after fresher’s week the enormity of how different your life has become hits home and the second week of university is usually the hardest as people miss home, struggle to adapt to the work levels and often struggling financially having got carried away in fresher’s week with £1 jager bombs in Parish, but what do you do if this happens?Stop for a moment and most certainly breathe, it is completely normal to miss your friends and family, and not be adapted to this new routine of life, so here are some key steps to help you cope with feeling lost after fresher’s week.



1) Call home: sometimes when you are struggling to navigate this new world the best thing to do is to resort to something that keeps you steady, sometimes just talking to your mum and dad can really pick up any low moods. Sometimes just having a little chat can really brighten up your day.



2) Make sure you take your studying seriously. Make time for doing reading as well as making notes for seminars so when you turn up you have something to discuss. That being said, don’t completely give up a social life, make sure you get yourself about York, getting to know where you live, and making it feel like home can really settle your nerves about being here. It’s also important to make sure you get involved, if drinking isn’t your thing get involved in coffee socials and just make sure you get to know a wide variety of people so you don’t feel lonely.



3) If you are worrying financially don’t struggle in silence, plenty of people in York are hiring students so get yourself out there, handing out CV’s so you can top up that student loan. If you are really struggling you can also approach the university, there is financial support available as well as loads of tips to help you handling your finances. Just google university of York financial support.


4) Don’t be afraid if you are feeling super low make sure you are accessing all the university support, the UoY mental health awareness team put on all manner of events that help you handle any depression or anxiety, follow them on Facebook and keep yourself aware of all the events they run.


5) Make time for yourself! If you need your night in with Netflix, an afternoon nap, or just to gorge on cake just do it. Your health is essential and making time for yourself is an important part of being an independent adult.


6) Don’t forget your flatmates and STYCs are there for any advice you may need so don’t feel afraid to talk to them. Every college also has a full welfare team, including college tutors that are there to help you handle any of these feelings of being lost, so please don’t feel scared to access these teams.


On a little separate note, if you do feel supremely low using things like Nightline can really help, otherwise book a doctor’s appointment and speak to them about how they feel. No- one will judge you.


Just relax and enjoy, and if you do feel alone remember there are many people here to help you.

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